Monday, 5 August 2013

1 Month!

So today my sweet baby Ray is one month old! I can't believe it's already been a month, I'm still in awe that I have a child. My life has changed so much, it's so amazing being a stay at home mom I love spending my days hanging out with Ray. Don't get me wrong it has been a challenge, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. And finally my maternity payments have started coming through, so it feels like I`m being payed for all my hard work at this full-time job. I would do it for free though, but let`s be honest it`s definitely a nice bonus!

We've been through just about every baby issue so far; jaundice, blocked tear duct, minor cradle cap (more like light dandruff), baby acne and of course diaper rashes. I must say though coconut oil is pretty much that best thing I've ever seen, and it's natural! I've used it on the dandruff and the rashes it works wonders. And lets not forget about breastmilk, it's full of anti-bodies, it's liquid gold! Breastmilk has helped clear up the acne, scratches on his face (from his little fingernails), the blocked tear duct... I've even put it on rashes, and withing hours or by the next day it's magically healed.

I love being a mom!
Here are some weekly photos from the past 4, he`s grown so much!

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