Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Craft: Billy buttons


So I thought for this weeks creative project I would make my own version of Craspedias aka billy balls aka billy buttons. We've all seen these little flowers around lately, they have become pretty trendy at flower shops. This was a super simple craft, it was just your basic pompom on a stick. And it only took me 30 minutes to make 10 pompoms!
See the tutorial;

To make a pompom all you need is yarn and scissors, I wanted these a particular size so I used a fork to wrap the yarn around. If you want to make larger pompoms you can wrap the yarn around a piece of cardboard, your hand, or whatever you have around.
Once the yarn is wrapped around the fork at the thickness you'd like, tightly tie a separate piece of string around the middle, then slide off of the fork and cut all of the loops.
Fluff out and tada! Pompom! If you are wanting to make them look like billy buttons, I just used bamboo skewers and poked them through.

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