Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fresh Start

I have tried having a blog so many times, but life catches up with me and I end up with posts few and far between. Now that my full time job is staying at home with my sweet baby, I don't have any excuses not to open my laptop and post at least once a week.

So, new life, new blog. I'm starting this one fresh because I feel like I have also started fresh in life, I've embarked on a journey that started the moment my son made his appearance in this world. Now that I have settled into my new role I am ready to begin doing the things I love once again, alongside raising my boy.

This blog is about all my crafts, DIY projects, home design, inspiration and of course being a new mom; which in itself has homemade projects, recipe trials and keeping up on home life.

Now don't let the title confuse you, it won't be all space related crafts (but I'm sure it will have its fair share since I am such a sci-fi geek). It is about crafts and space as in design space, home space and inner space. Just a smidgen of outer space because I can't resist.

Welcome and enjoy!

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