Thursday, 5 September 2013

2 Months!

I haven't had anytime these past couple weeks to work on any creative projects, life has been busy busy busy.
My Dad came out to Calgary to meet Ray and visit for a couple days. He lives on Vancouver Island, which is where I lived when I was younger, I can't wait until I get to take Ray out that way so he can experience the beautiful scenery.
And now we are getting ready to take a little vacation out to Vancouver, to introduce Ray to more family including his Great Grandpa! This is very exciting for my side of the family because he is the first grand baby to come along, I feel very special.

Ray turned 2 months old today. He is getting so strong! He keeps his head up like a champ and loves being held up in a standing position. At our doctors appointment yesterday we found out he weighs 10lbs 5oz, that's like a bag of sugar! Which is fitting because he is the sweetest.

Hopefully after this trip I will have more time for creative projects, I have a huge craft "to do" list and I'm itching to start checking off projects.
Stay tuned!

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