Saturday, 21 September 2013

Vacation Mode

We've been home from our vacation for a week now and it's still hard getting back into the swing of things. After nine days of pure vacation bliss I can't focus on anything!
Check out photos of all the fun...

Well this trip had a handful of firsts for our boy, it all started with his first real smile! First roadtrip, first swim, first time seeing his only great grandpa, first time dipping a toe in the pacific, and the first time mama left him with his Nana (for 30 min! that's big for me).

We drove out to Vancouver to see my family and stayed there for 3 days. From there we drove down to Seattle to stay with friends, they had a beautiful beach house on the Hood Canal. We stayed 2 days there in the amazing sea air just soaking it all in. Drove home through the Okanogan, stopping at all the lovely fruit stands and flea markets. Finally staying our last night at 3 Valley Gap with a tour of the ghost town to cap it all off.


And now we're home. Back to work for Josh and back to cooking, cleaning and mommying for me.


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