Wednesday, 30 October 2013

October wrap up

"I'm so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers" - Anne of Green Gables

This month has come and gone so fast I barely blinked. I thoroughly enjoyed October with the first hints of fall colours and crisp air, it was refreshing and comforting. Then, two days ago was the first snow and that warm colourful autumn feeling left. But with the first snow fall brings cozy winter so... good-bye fall... welcome winter.

My creative projects this month were few; mine and Rays Halloween costumes, some lady birthday gifts and a little baking for Thanksgiving.

This Halloween my costume was definitely lacking my usual crafty flare but that is because I wanted to focus on Ray's. It's time to face the fact that this holiday is now for him... not for me. Kids costumes are more fun anyways.

Since he's a little squirmer that loves being on his belly I wanted to make him a turtle, and as a quick and easy costume to go along with his, I turned a grey hoodie into a shark. If I had enough time I would have made Josh something ocean related, like a scuba diver, but he hasn't really been into Halloween the past few years so I decided to spend more time on Rays. Maybe next year I will force him to participate, after all Ray is much to young to trick-or-treat this time.

This is a big time of year for birthdays! Two special ladies have their birthdays just days apart. So it's always been a busy time for handmade gifts. However, this year, my wonderful man decided to take it upon himself and make one of their gifts. This particular special lady has done so much for our family that he wanted to do something for her. Good man!

He made a mini log cabin that holds incense (so cute!) where the smoke comes out the chimney.

For our next special lady, I've made her an embroidered pineapple every year for the past few years. I'm hoping to continue to do this every year until she has entire pina farm to hang on her walls.

And for desert here's a few photos of some yummy pies I made this Thanksgiving.

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