Friday, 1 November 2013

November Octopus

I have decided to start each month with a card reading, just for fun, and to see where my focus should be.
November = the octopus. Meaning to focus on shape shifting and altering my appearance, while staying true to my core. Challenge excepted. I've decided I will alter my style a bit and work on changing my body, in other words getting rid of that pesky pregnancy weight.

I have also set a goal for myself to be finished Christmas shopping by the end of this month, so I can enjoy December with nothing weighing on my mind. A lot of my Christmas gifts this year, like previous years, are handmade so I have a lot of creative projects to complete this month.

I won't be posting photos of these until after Christmas because I don't want to ruin the surprise for the people who will be receiving these gifts.

On a side note another Halloween has come and gone, Ray's costume turned out great and he looked so damn cute. We went trick or treating at grandmas house and that's all, it seems silly that I spent all that time making a costume that he wore for an hour but it was for the pictures (they last forever) .

My costume took 20 minutes to make, which is so strange to me because some costumes I have made for myself in previous years have taken hours upon hours of making and planning. Like I said though in my last post, Halloween isn't for me anymore. I will get more joy out of a kids Halloween and I am excited for that.
Here are some of my past Halloween costumes...

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