Thursday, 28 November 2013

November Wrap Up

 What a busy month you have been, November. I was pretty ambitious with my goals for this past month and I'm proud to say I have accomplished what I set out to do. The photo above is our fall table-scape, I like to switch it up for the seasons and holidays to keep things fresh.
 These are just a few things I had going on this month, one goal I set for myself was to have all my Christmas shopping and gift making done by December 1st...CHECK! These are just a couple sneak peek photos of  handmade gifts because I don't want to give away any surprises. I will be posting completed photos and some tutorials after these have made their way into their new homes. I'm very excited about these and I can't wait to share them. And now since I am all done with getting gifts I get to sit back and enjoy the holiday season. Which means hanging out in PJ's, drinking hot beverages, baking goodies, and decorating my house. Getting festive all up in here. I am extremely happy about avoiding malls now, even last week they were starting to get crazy.
 Here are a few "new" additions to my wardrobe that I thrifted earlier in the month. My card reading this month was the Octopus, I wholeheartedly embraced his shape shifting ways. I altered my style a bit with new clothes and I changed the colour of my hair (nothing drastic just a couple shades darker). I even changed my lifestyle with more healthy eating and exercising, and I lost 5 lbs! I didn't go crazy with change because I love who I am, just a few little tweeks here and there. I feel much happier.
I can't go to a thrift store without picking up something for Ray too.

All in all November was a successful and productive month, I will take the practises I learned from the Octopus and carry them on through the following months and into the new year. I'm very much looking forward to December and what it has in store for me... I, however, won't be in any stores HA!

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