Monday, 11 November 2013

Space: Craft Room Inspiration Board

Craft Space Inspiration Board
It's time for another "Space" post. Today it's a tribute to Craft Spaces, I have been working on a few projects lately since Christmas is just around the corner, and while I've been creating I've been dreaming of the perfect space to do so in. Above is an inspiration board of some lovely spaces I've compiled from Pinterest.
Craft Space 2013
We have a small two bedroom place and since my little one came I no longer have my own room for creating, so I have taken over two small corners in our living room. It's not ideal but I would rather have a nursery than a craft room. When I need to spread out I venture to the kitchen table and take over that space, I have learned to keep tidy and clean up after myself which is difficult because creativity is messy. Someday when we own a house I will have an extraordinary craft space where I can make a mess and simply shut the door.
Craft Space 2012

Craft Space 2010

These are my past craft rooms. Please keep in mind each photo was taken in the midst of creating for  art shows so I will say it again... creativity is messy. My space in 2012 is now Ray's nursery and the space in 2010 was in our old place.

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