Friday, 27 December 2013

Craft: Cake Stand

This is easy peazy lemon squeezy.

I've seen a lot of these floating around, DIY cake stands from vintage plates and candle holders.
Any thrift store has a gazillion candle holders, I have probably donated a handful of these over the years and now I'm wishing I had held onto them. So I super lucked out and happened to find a candle holder that matched the plate I had picked out, if I wasn't so lucky I might have painted the holder. I might try to do another one of these in the future to show how to work with a mismatched set (hmmm maybe make one for myself).

This one, however, is a gift for a friend that makes the best food like ever. When I got home from giving birth she had lasagna, perogies and carrot muffins all ready for me. She made the most beautiful cake ever for my baby shower. And on my last day of work she made me my favorite... carrot cake. Yum. Not to mention everything else she's ever made me. When I decided to eat meat again after years of being vegetarian, it was her thanksgiving turkey. I can literally spend all day listing the amazing meals and desserts she's made. So I thought why not take my craftiness and make her something to display her art... food.

Vintage plate
Wide base candle holder
Paint (depending on the look of your holder)
Contact cement
Sandpaper (optional)

Since the bottom of the plate and the candle holder were both smooth, for a stronger hold I roughed up the surfaces that would be joining together with sandpaper

I liberally applied the contact cement to the candle holder and then place in the middle on the bottom of the plate. The directions on the cement said to wait atleast 30min to dry, so that's what I did.

And ta freakin da. That's it. Done. It turned out better than a cake stand you can buy in stores.

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