Saturday, 28 December 2013

Craft: Painted Wine Glasses

These were for my mom for Christmas. I remember seeing a couple hand painted glasses at her house, I believe they were of astrology signs. She loved these glasses but her man put them in the dishwasher and the paint started peeling. Noted.

So I made her a set of four. They aren't painted all crazy like the ones she had. I wanted these ones to be more simple, glasses she could bring out while entertaining or something.

Wine glasses
Enamel paint
Oven (optional)

To paint glass or ceramic you must... MUST
use enamel paint. (I have tried the whole Sharpie on ceramic thing that Pinterest makes look so easy but it NEVER turns out for me)
I used two different colours (and a bit of white) and dotted the paint on the glasses with the opposite end of the paint brush and then dotted smaller dots with a toothpick. I also painted the base of the glass, on the bottom, the solid colour.

Bake in the oven (upside down) at 350* for 30min OR let air dry for 21 days.

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