Tuesday, 31 December 2013

December Wrap Up

This month consisted of a lot of coffee drinking, cookie eating,  and Sci-fi reading.

My card reading this month brought the Elk and I read that as an opportunity to work on being "present in the moment". This is easier said than done. My intentions were there but I have such a personality where I have the constant need to multitask and run through to do lists. But I was able to grab a few moments to stop, breathe and enjoy. Here are a few of those moments;
1. Snuggles with Ray, when he would fall asleep on my chest some afternoons, instead of putting him down to nap so I could clean, I would feel his warm little breaths on my neck as he nuzzled in close and enjoy his sweet snugs.
2. I went for dinner alone. One evening I was asked to leave for a couple hours so Josh could wrap gifts, so I walked in our neighbourhood and stopped for dinner. I had pasta and a glass of wine and I sat and finished the last chapter of the book I had been reading. It was magical.
3. The night I had a bath.. with homemade lavender infused bath salts. The last time I had a bath was when I was pregnant,  so this one was thoroughly enjoyed.

I had also decided this month with the help of the Elk that standing tall meant working on my posture, so I took a Mom & Baby yoga class once a week this whole month. It was really good,  not very peaceful with fussing babies around but I definitely think it helped my posture.

I'm excited to see what January and the new year brings.  2013 was the best year of my life, so far. I've never felt more happy in life. I love my boy and our little family, I am so lucky.

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