Sunday, 5 January 2014

6 Months!

1/2 a year old today! I can't believe how much growing this kid has done in just a month. He is rolling over and stays sitting up on his own.
We've also just started introducing solid foods, I have given him a little rice cereal here and there and this week we started feeding him avocado.
I received a Baby Bullet at my shower and I just love using it, I really do not want to give him baby food from a jar. While this may work for some parents it's very convenient and I have seen a lot of organic selections, I just prefer to go the unprocessed route and prepare his food myself.
I have the privilege of staying home with him so I have lots of time to make up batches of baby food.

Now that the holidays are over we've been spending a lot of family time together just the 3 of us. With all this cold weather lately, Josh hasn't been working much so that means he gets to stay home with us Yay! We had gotten Ray a little baby sled for Christmas and we've been putting it to good use, going for walks and exploring hidden gems here in the city. Here are a few photos of us going for little walks around town.

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