Monday, 20 January 2014

Space: Playroom Inspiration

This "space" post is inspired by my busy busy life, I have been caring for my little niece Sophie during the days since January began. My sister in-law just finished her maternity leave and is back to work part-time, so I have been taking care of her little lady alongside my little man. It has been a challenge, a 6 month old and a one year old is hard work.

They are both at such different stages even though they are only 6 months apart. My little man is starting solid foods and teething, in other words needs mama's full attention. Sophie is very mobile - learning to walk and eating regular meals, also needing my full attention. This has been tricky because I only have one highchair so I have to alternate them, and I have yet to baby proof my house (because Ray isn't crawling yet). It's good practice for me because I would like another baby (or 2) when Ray is older of course, so I do need to learn how to divide my time and attention with each baby.

It has been a lot harder than I expected, so next month I have requested to only watch my niece one day a week. I would like to help out my sister in-law, but I really need to focus on Ray at this stage. Maybe a little further down the road I can try it again when they are both a little older and I have more practice under my belt.

This brings me to this space inspiration, Playrooms! My place is small, I wish for a space for kids to play and learn (and not trash my living room). I have put together a few images from Pinterest of spaces I love and how I would like my future playroom to look. A place to read books, play games, do arts and crafts, and be a kid!

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