Thursday, 13 February 2014

Craft: Hot Air Balloon Light Bulbs

I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and do something to lift my spirits. So I crafted! Doing something you love always will make you feel better. After last month where I started lots of projects that never got finished, I felt very discouraged. And this past week I had a cranky teething baby, which meant I was a cranky tired mama.

This week the sun came out, the air warmed ever so slightly and I sat down to start and complete a project.

Hot Air Balloons out of burnt out light bulbs!

**A little side note, I had noticed a couple of bulbs burnt out in my house a few weeks ago so I went out to the Dollarstore and bought some new ones and changed them. Then a week later the same bulbs burnt out... again. I changed them... again. A week later... the same thing. The lesson I learned is that Dollarstore light bulbs are garbage. So here I was (sitting in the dark) with a bunch of burnt out light bulbs and I decided to make something out them. Atleast one thing good came out of these cheap bulbs.**

Mod Podge
Acrylic paints (colours of choice)
Fabric scraps (colours of choice)
Embroidery threads (colours of choice)
Burnt out light bulbs
Bottle caps

With these there was literally no method to the madness, no rules!
I just lathered up the bulbs in modge podge and covered them with fabric. I cut some of the fabric into strips, some into squares, and some were shapes that have no names.
Then I lathered on some more modge podge and used 2 pieces of embroidery thread, crossed at the top and draped down the sides. I tied these in a knot at the bottom, leaving a bit of space below the bottom of the bulb.
And to polish it all off, I painted a few bottle caps with different colours. Once again (you guessed it) with a nice lather of modge podge these were placed between the threads below the bulb, lining up my knot in the middle on the bottom of the cap.

You can never go wrong with more modge podge.

These will now hang as a mobile above Rays crib, for the time being. When I was pregnant I had planned on making him a space mobile to go with the theme of his nursery. But this and a couple other pregnancy projects I had planned did not get done, because SURPRISE he decided to come 3 weeks early.

Enjoy your hot air balloons Ray!

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