Thursday, 20 February 2014

Space: Dining Room Inspiration

Slowly but surely my dining is finally starting to look the way I want it to. These photos from Pinterest were my inspiration to create a simple clean dining room.

Last week I sold my old dining room table and chairs. Although it was a nice dining set it just didn't work with our lifestyle, cats = choose your furniture wisely. It was a dark brown/black wood table that was so bulky it made the room look so small, plus the darkness and texture of the wood really made cat hair extremely visible. It was a pain to constantly be wiping the table 100 times a day. The chairs were solid and fabric covered so naturally they became 4 cat scratching posts. I've had this set for 5 years and always complained about it... so I'm happy its gone.

Instead of buying a new table I brought my craft table out from hiding in the back corner of the living room. I LOVE the way this table looks, the lovely wood top and wrought iron base reminds me of a café table. I liked having this as a craft table, but since my craft room is now Ray's room it was not getting much use tucked away in the corner.

My dining room is looking so much brighter, bigger and cleaner. And now it's getting to that time of year where I finally get some sun in the kitchen window it is now my favourite room in the house. All I need now is a few wooden chairs. I plan to find 4 chairs all different but I will paint them all the same colour to match (like in the inspiration photo above)

Before I went on maternity I was a bartender, or as I like to refer to myself as a "Cocktail Artist". A well stocked bar is a must for a former bartender, this is literally just the tip... the rest of the alcohol is stored below and are alternated up depending on my mood or the season.

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