Monday, 31 March 2014

March Wrap up

I was such a slacker this past month. No Craft posts. No Space posts. I honestly just did a lot of relaxing and detoxing. We had a hint of spring that was quickly taken away and now we are back to winter... Boooo! My card for this past month said it's okay to relax, so that's my excuse for being so lazy. I don't regret it so no apologies!
I got Raindrop Therapy with essential oils and a massage, I went to a calming yoga class every week, and I spent a lot of time enjoying my days with Ray

I wasn't a complete bum this month, I have been working on a secret collaboration project with my man. We are hoping to be announcing and unveiling this soon. NO it is not another baby we have been busy making. I've snuck a few photos of what we have been up to into my monthly wrap up photo collage.

I'm looking forward to April. Mine and Josh's birthdays are 3 days apart, this year mine is on the Friday and Josh's the Monday so we will be spending the weekend doing fun family things together.

I hope April brings Spring, I am so over the snow. I want to go play outside!

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