Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April Wrap up

Spring is a time where I feel a lot of productive energy, April gives such a fresh perspective. I find myself more motivated to set goals in spring rather than a new year, maybe it's because of all the new life of blooming flowers and greenery or because of the end to a long winter.
This past month started out with a lot of motivation and slow steady progress of creative goals. I worked on a lot of embroidery projects and planned a lot with Josh for our new collaboration.
 During the first week it was mine and Josh's birthdays. We had a great weekend together going on little outings around town and treating ourselves to our favourite things.
The last half of the month I may have slipped a bit on the creative projects, but spent time and energy in other areas. I started a 21 day meditation challenge and only have a few days left, this has helped center me. It has given me a new outlook on life's challenges and I am hoping it will help me to tackle them with ease.
I have also started practising the art of tarot card readings, only on myself and a few close friends, it has been helpful with providing tips and advice for problems and issues. I think I would like to continue this and be more fluent in tarot readings for the future.
I spent one weekend doing some much needed spring cleaning, washing curtains and bedding, vacuuming and dusting. My house feels fresh and ready to take on the summer months.
Ray and I spent a lot of time outside in nature; going for walks, exploring, and finding new fun parks to play in. We've really been enjoying the spring sunshine and have been dreaming of all the summertime fun to come.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Craft: Easter Basket o' Goodies

Today's craft I am going to show you that you can whip up something beautiful out of things you have laying around the house.
Easter morning rolls around and I honestly didn't even give Easter a second thought, with Ray being so young still there really isn't anything we can do with him yet. My mom, however, was hosting an Easter dinner and it is usually my job to bring deserts to family dinners. In a previous post you will see the mini pies I had made for last Thanksgiving.
 I knew I wanted to make something Easter-y so I decided to make cupcakes with pastel coloured icing and topped with mini eggs.
That was easy enough. By 10 am the cupcakes were baked and decorated and they looked lovely, but bringing them over in a Tupperware container just took away from their lovely-ness.
I decided to display them in an Easter basket, but I didn't have one and I really didn't feel like going out to buy one... so I improvised.


Any Basket you have (preferably one with a handle, but not necessary)
Assorted papers ( I used yellow tissue paper, regular white computer paper and brown craft paper)

I started by weaving some ribbon into the basket, just to dress it up a bit. I used white and purple ribbon. I also wrapped some around the handle.

Then I cut up some "basket grass" by folding the paper accordion style and cutting small strips. Cut enough to fill up the basket.

Note: I only cut about half a baskets worth. I put a Tupperware container in the bottom of the basket so that the cupcakes would sit up nice and high in the basket.

Then display cupcakes (or whatever goodies you wish).

A bonus of hiding a Tupperware container in the bottom is I had something to bring leftover turkey dinner home.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter :)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Space: Bedroom Inspiration

I was browsing through some of my pins and I noticed a common occurance, I have pinned a lot of photos of very comfortable looking beds. I love being in bed. Sometimes I walk by my bedroom and notice how cozy my bed looks and I jump right in. My favourite kind of bed has the sheets all untucked and messy with crisp cold pillows.
I have put together a few photos that inspire my bedroom style. I could only fit a few in the inspiration board and it was pretty difficult to choose only 9!

And now we come to my bedroom. On a good day (when it's clean) our bedroom is very relaxing. Dim lamps, candles, my faux fireplace on, incense burning... it can be very romantic. BUT most days, like today, it is the epicenter of our day to day. A "catch all" if you will or as I like to call it "Grand Central Station". This is where everything basically just gets tossed. Normally the closet doors are wide open with clothes hanging off them, the bed has a pile of laundry that you can get lost in (usually with 1-2 cats napping in it) and there is a corner of our room with all the seldomley used workout gear usually with robes hanging from the elliptical trainer. So I thought why not show everybody what it looks like 95% of the time.
One day I will post photos of it looking all calming and romantic, maybe on the next Blue Moon, but it does not look like that today so you get to see reality.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

9 Months!

He spent 9 months in my belly, and now 9 months out in the world. I wonder which he prefers?
Everything is happening so quickly now! He finally figured out how to crawl forward after about a month of going backwards and now he is unstoppable. He's crawling all over the house, chasing the cats and getting into places he shouldn't.
I suppose its time to start baby proofing and moving everything above waist level.
He has also started standing himself up by pulling on furniture or the sides of his crib.
He is eating all kinds of different foods now and enjoys feeding himself finger foods like crackers, toast, cheerios, banana and French Fries (don't judge me).

On a side note I am also proud to say I am back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I struggled to get the weight off, and it was especially discouraging to see other moms get their bodies back so quickly. I tried not to get too down on myself because after all it took 9 months to gain the weight and it has taken me 9 months to work it off, so I am happy with that progress :) I was so happy the other day when we took Ray swimming and I could fit into my bathing suit again!!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Camel

April brings a Camel. Trust that you have the resources to get through the challenges before you.
Identify where you want to go then proceed slowly, steadily, and deliberately toward that objective. As you move along, cast away your fears, doubts, and hesitations whenever they arise, letting the four winds lift them up to the sun to be burned away. ** I love this last part and I hope April is nice and sunny to remind me of this. **
We can learn from the Camel to be our own best resource. Pull out your inner talents and skills with ease. It is also a good idea and a practical move to store away some supplies and money for future use. This is what I think of when I think of Camels; the fact that they store water and food in their humps for long journeys.
I will be doing this for April in three ways:
1. I plan on doing this by trying to be a bit more frugal this month, my maternity is soon coming to an end and ideally I would like to stay home a bit longer before returning to work. So I suppose it would be a good idea to put some money away so I can do just that.
2. I plan on stocking my fridge and pantry with good organic food for making more creative meals at home. No more of this take out and going to the grocery store only to get what we need for a couple days. Meal planning is key.
3. I plan on building an inventory for mine and Josh's upcoming business collaboration.

I plan on enjoying April :)