Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Craft: Easter Basket o' Goodies

Today's craft I am going to show you that you can whip up something beautiful out of things you have laying around the house.
Easter morning rolls around and I honestly didn't even give Easter a second thought, with Ray being so young still there really isn't anything we can do with him yet. My mom, however, was hosting an Easter dinner and it is usually my job to bring deserts to family dinners. In a previous post you will see the mini pies I had made for last Thanksgiving.
 I knew I wanted to make something Easter-y so I decided to make cupcakes with pastel coloured icing and topped with mini eggs.
That was easy enough. By 10 am the cupcakes were baked and decorated and they looked lovely, but bringing them over in a Tupperware container just took away from their lovely-ness.
I decided to display them in an Easter basket, but I didn't have one and I really didn't feel like going out to buy one... so I improvised.


Any Basket you have (preferably one with a handle, but not necessary)
Assorted papers ( I used yellow tissue paper, regular white computer paper and brown craft paper)

I started by weaving some ribbon into the basket, just to dress it up a bit. I used white and purple ribbon. I also wrapped some around the handle.

Then I cut up some "basket grass" by folding the paper accordion style and cutting small strips. Cut enough to fill up the basket.

Note: I only cut about half a baskets worth. I put a Tupperware container in the bottom of the basket so that the cupcakes would sit up nice and high in the basket.

Then display cupcakes (or whatever goodies you wish).

A bonus of hiding a Tupperware container in the bottom is I had something to bring leftover turkey dinner home.

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter :)

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