Thursday, 17 April 2014

Space: Bedroom Inspiration

I was browsing through some of my pins and I noticed a common occurance, I have pinned a lot of photos of very comfortable looking beds. I love being in bed. Sometimes I walk by my bedroom and notice how cozy my bed looks and I jump right in. My favourite kind of bed has the sheets all untucked and messy with crisp cold pillows.
I have put together a few photos that inspire my bedroom style. I could only fit a few in the inspiration board and it was pretty difficult to choose only 9!

And now we come to my bedroom. On a good day (when it's clean) our bedroom is very relaxing. Dim lamps, candles, my faux fireplace on, incense burning... it can be very romantic. BUT most days, like today, it is the epicenter of our day to day. A "catch all" if you will or as I like to call it "Grand Central Station". This is where everything basically just gets tossed. Normally the closet doors are wide open with clothes hanging off them, the bed has a pile of laundry that you can get lost in (usually with 1-2 cats napping in it) and there is a corner of our room with all the seldomley used workout gear usually with robes hanging from the elliptical trainer. So I thought why not show everybody what it looks like 95% of the time.
One day I will post photos of it looking all calming and romantic, maybe on the next Blue Moon, but it does not look like that today so you get to see reality.

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