Monday, 5 May 2014

10 Months!

I'm having a mini anxiety attack here, 2 more months and my sweet little bitty baby will be a one year old! I'm not ready, I think back to when he was 1 month old and all he did was eat and sleep and he was so so so small. He's getting so so so big! Sometimes I look at him standing up holding himself up on the patio door and he looks like a toddler, ahh!
Not much is new, he's standing himself up on anything and everything he can and he is cruising around trashing my house (luckily I baby proofed last month). He learned how to give "high-fives" and he thinks they are hilarious. He likes to stand up in the tub and pee... for some unknown reason... boys are weird. He likes to take his toys and put them on any low surface; the coffee table, bookshelves, the cat.
We love going for walks outside and exploring new parks, swings are still the favourite.
His favourite treat is graham crackers and he loves Sesame Street.
That's all that has been going on around here, 2 more photos left to do eek!

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