Monday, 12 May 2014

Craft: Garden Watering Can

Yesterday was Mother's Day. It was my first on the Mom side, and it was just perfect! But today's craft post is a gift that I gave my mama for Mother's Day.
My Mom's garden is so beautiful, she spends most weekends working on it and it is just filled with lovely plants and flowers. It is also filled with garden ornaments, trinkets, bird baths, solar lamps... pretty much anything you can think of. Some are beautiful, some... kinda... tacky... but hey it's her garden and she loves that stuff. So a go to gift I normally make her is something for her garden. Even for X-mas we made her a stepping stone with Ray's little handprints and Josh made her some gorgeous welded flowers made out of cutlery (she almost cried she loved those so much!)
So this Mother's Day I made her a cute little watering can pouring crystals, so that it looks like it's pouring a continuous stream of sparkly water.

Watering can
Clear beads, jewels, or crystals ( I had a few beads and some crystals from an old chandelier)
Fishing line
Tape ( I used duct tape, because I am lazy)
Garden stake with a hook end

So first of a strung 4-5 beads onto some line, with the droplet looking crystals at the bottom.

Then I fed the lines through the holes of the watering can and pulled them close to the can, I then taped them with duct tape on the inside of the spout.

*Note* I'm sure there is a prettier way to tie these in without using tape, and I urge you to try your own way of doing this. I just got a bit lazy, it still looked pretty on the outside and since the tape was in the spout it was unnoticeable

And that's it.

Hang in the garden. It is still early in the season, so once the garden fills out I will take another photo to post. It will look so pretty amongst flowers and greenery

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