Saturday, 24 May 2014

Space: Balcony Inspiration

It's officially morning coffees and nightcaps on the porch season! I am fully taking advantage of that fact. I have been utilizing our little balcony to it's full potential, and this includes drinking tea out here on a rainy day... I am even writing this blog post out here on a breezy Saturday morning.
Since we are renters we don't have much of a yard, no backyard whatsoever, but we do have a nice long (but narrow) balcony that over looks a small front yard. Since our family is still small I don't mind the lack of yard just yet, however, baby is almost walking and we are thinking that next year we will definitely need more space. So with that being said I plan on making the most out of my balcony since this may be our last summer together.
With a little inspiration from good ol' Pinterest I have compiled a few images to help with the look I would like to achieve for our space. I love the relaxing vibes from all these inspiring spaces. Mine is  slowly but surely coming together; I have potted herbs, planted in the flower boxes, put out all my little garden knick knacks and even bought a brand new (easy on the barefeet) outdoor rug. All that's left is clear the clutter from the back corner and replace that with a BBQ.
Here are just a few photos of the space so far, I plan on posting the full balcony once it's finally finished and to my liking.

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