Thursday, 5 June 2014

11 Months!

Here we are at 11 months old! This kid is unstoppable. I wrote "walking" on this one, however he is not quite walking on his own. It's more walking around while holding onto things and using his toy walker, but I couldn't fit "walking around while holding onto things and using his toy walker" onto those 3 steps. Walking with help is still walking in my books, and that's a big step (pun intended) from where he was at last month. We are so proud of this little guy.
He is just so entertaining, always making us laugh with his silliness. He started waving at the T.V. whenever music or singing comes on and he loves laughing at his own reflection in the mirror. Lately he has been sneaking into the kitchen and dumping out the cat food bowls, as well as trying to climb in the dishwasher.
He prefers to feed himself than let me feed him with a spoon, and that makes for a bigger mess but I don't mind.
Next month... he is a one year old... I can't believe it. I hope this month goes by slowly.

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